Health Questionnaire

Complete the Patient History form to submit the data electronically. Please fill out all items to the best of your knowledge.


    • Do you have any dental work in progress at this time?YesNo

    • Patient's Sex:MaleFemale

    • Is Patient a Student?YesNo

    • What interests or hobbies does the patient enjoy?

    • If patient is a child, give parent or legal guardian name:

    • What would the patient/parent most like to accomplish with orthodontic treatment?



    • Marital Status:SingleMarriedSeparatedDivorcedWidowed

    • After reviewing the treatment plan, I authorize the release of any information related to this claim. I authorize payment of dental benefits directly to Montano Elevated Orthodontics.



    • 1. Is the patient's health considered to be good?YesNo

    • 2. Is patient under medical treatment?YesNo

    • 3. Is patient currently taking any medication?YesNo

    • 4. Has patient ever taken medication for osteoporosis, such as Bisphosphonate. Boniva etc?YesNo

    • 5. Is patient allergic to any drugs or antibiotics, such as medication, Aspirin, Penicillin, etc?YesNo

    • 6. Has patient ever had an unfavorable reaction following dental treatment?YesNo

    • 7. Has patient had a cough for more than three weeks that is not explained by a non-infectious condition; exhibiting flu-like symptoms; or been diagnosed with H1N1?YesNo

    • 8. Female patients: Are you pregnant?YesNoN/A

    • 9. Does patient use tobacco?YesNo

    • 10. Has patient ever taken appetitie suppressants such as Fen-Phen (Fenfluramine and Phentermine), Dexfenfluramine Fenfluramine?YesNo

    • 11. Has patient been under the care of a medical doctor since taking any of the appetite suppressants named above?YesNo

    • 12. Does patient have or had any of the following conditions?
      AIDSArthritisAsthmaBleeding ProblemsCancerDiabetesEpilepsyHeart MurmurHeart ProblemsHepatitisHerpesHigh Blood PressureJaundiceKidney ProblemsLow Blood PressureRheumatic FeverStrokeTuberculosisVenereal Disease


    • Patient Medical Dental History (ADULT) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).