Orthodontic Treatment

Benefits & Types of Appliances

Begin Your Journey Toward a Beautiful Smile
with this treatment info and Dr. Montano

A bright and healthy smile allows you to greet the world with confidence. It’s also a great way to make you look younger and more attractive. If you want to start your journey toward a fantastic smile, start with the treatment info available here and then, when you’re ready, schedule a complimentary initial consultation with Montano Elevated Orthodontics.

Undergoing an orthodontic treatment with Dr. Montano in Bakersfield, CA is the best investment you can make with your life. Here’s what you’ll get when you come to him for treatment:

1Multiple Orthodontic Treatment Options

Our practice will help you reach your smile goals with our range of orthodontic treatment options. We offer metal braces, ceramic braces, active retainers, and Invisalign or clear aligners. Additionally, we may supplement your orthodontic treatment with an appliance depending on your specific needs. These appliances include temporary anchorage devices (TADs), bite correctors, and palatal expanders.

2Award-Winning Care

We bagged the “Best Orthodontist” award in the Bakersfield Californian’s “Best of Kern County” Reader’s Choice Poll for six years in a row with our personalized care and state-of-the-art orthodontic treatments. The kind of care we provide to our patients is special. We go the extra mile to make them feel welcome and treat them like our own family.

3Comfortable and Attentive Environment

Rest assured that you’ll remain safe and comfortable when you go through our treatment. We’ll listen and take your orthodontic concerns seriously to make sure you achieve the smile you want.

4Experienced Full-time Orthodontist

This means you get an expert opinion, which allows you to make an informed decision regarding your orthodontic treatment or that of your loved one.

How You’ll Benefit From Orthodontic Treatment

An orthodontic treatment goes beyond giving you a beautiful smile. It also offers these great benefits:

  • Healthy Mouth – Properly aligned teeth help prevent gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Money Saver – Braces, along with other orthodontic appliances, help save your gums and teeth from damage, which reduces future dental costs.
  • Easy Cleaning – Having your teeth straightened will make it easier for you to brush and floss your teeth.

If you are in Bakersfield, Delano, or Tehachapi and are thinking of getting orthodontic treatment, we recommend that you visit our practice. Don’t hesitate to book your free consultation with us today.