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Montano Orthodontics recently hosted another Dental Education meeting for the local dentists last week. The topic was “The Pink Hybrid Restoration: The Prosthetic Solution for Anterior Ridge Defects” by Dr. Christian Coachman.

Esthetically replacing missing teeth in areas of significant anterior ridge deformities has been, and still is, a significant challenge in dentistry. High esthetic expectations and the addition of implant therapy have only increased the challenge. Therefore, it is necessry for clinicians and technicians to fully understnad all the available options and limitations, as well as where, when, and how to best utilize them.

The lecture outlined a new prosthetic option besides the existing surgical and orthodontic options to esthetically enhance the deficient anterior ridge. It emphasized the analysis, design, benefits, and manufacturing of the 3-dimensional prosthetic reconstruction of deficient ridges, as well as its ability to enhance lip support and the esthetic result of the final tooth form (White Esthetics) and gingival design (Pink Esthetics). A detailed decision-making protocol was suggested to help guide clinicans and technicians toward creating the most successful esthetic functional outcome for their patients. The doctors learned how to evaluate the limitations when restoring deficient ridges as well as when and how to utilize artificial gingiva. They became confident in understanding the importance of ideal soft tissue architecture for developing natural-looking restorations as well as the clinical and laboratorial procedures when fabricating the Pink Hybrid Restoration.

Dr. Christian Coachman graduated in Dental Technology in 1995 and in Dentistry at the University of Sao Paulo/Brazil in 2002. He is a member of the Brazilian Academy and Society of Esthetic Dentistry. In addition, Dr. Coachman attended the Ceramic Specialization Program at the Ceramoart Training Centre, where he also became an instructor.

In 2004, Dr. Coachman was invited by Dr. Golstein, Garber, and Salama, of Team Atlanta, to become Head Ceramist of their laboratory– a position he held for over 4 years. Dr. Coachman has been working with many leading dentists around the world, such as Dr. Van Dooren (Belgium), Dr. Gurel (Turkey), Dr. Fradeani (Italy), Dr. Bichacho (Israel), Dr. Ricci (Italy), a d Dr. Calamita (Brazil).

Currently, he is the scientific coordinator of the e-learning website www.identalclub.com and works as a consultant for dental companies and offices, developing products, and implementing concepts. He has lectured and published internationally in the fields of esthetic dentistry, dental photography, oral rehabilitation, dental ceramics, and implants.

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