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Montano Orthodontics Hosts Another Dental Ed

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Montano Orthodontics hosted another Dental Ed meeting for the local dentists this week. The topic was “Treatment Planning and Execution of the Complex Restorative Case” by Dr. Tal Morr.

With continual advancement in all aspects of dentistry, esthetics remains at the forefront for the patient. As a result of the accessibility of information from the internet, publications, or the television, today’s patients are far more educated about the treatment options available. Consequently, patients expect the highest level of esthetics available.

In order to formulate a treatment plan when patients present to a dental office in need of a complex rehabilitation with an occlusal component, the dentist must first determine where the teeth go esthetically and use that information to guide them in rehabilitating the patient functionally. It is the ability to integrate both the esthetic and functional aspects that allows them to achieve their objectives for both the patient and the dentist. Only through a systematic protocol and understanding of the options available to dentists to achieve that goal will they be able to treatment plan effectively. Transferring as much of this information throughout the treatment process allows dentists to achieve this goal. This program reviewed the critical steps to enable the dentists to treatment plan a case, looking at the “big picture”, rather than a tooth-by-tooth protocol.

Dr. Tal Morr maintains a private practice in Aventura, Florida, limited to aesthetic, implant, and complex restorative dentistry. Dr. Morr received his DMD degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. He then went on to study at the University of Washington Prosthodontic program where he received a Certificate in Prosthodontics and a Masters degree in the science of dentistry. Dr. Morr has lectured on various topics such as esthetics, implants, and full mouth rehabilitation, both nationally and internationally, as well as being a published author on esthetically related dental topics such as veneers, implants, and complex prosthetics. Dr. Morr is a member of numerous professional organizations such as the American College of Prosthodontics, the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, and the American Dental Association, as well as many local study clubs.

Dr. Montano and Dr. Cardall attend numerous classes each year to keep their knowledge up to date. They want to give back to the local dentists and aid them in continuing their education by hosting these dental ed lectures every couple months. The next one will be Tuesday, October 22nd.

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