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A Video Tribute to Dental Hygienists, by Dr. Cardall

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Dental hygienists play an important role in the correction of teeth problems. At Montano Orthodontics, we understand that braces make the job of a dental hygienist more difficult. By gluing brackets and bands to the teeth and inserting wires and appliances, barriers are created that hygienists must work around. Dr. Cardall wanted to express his sincere appreciation to the hygienists–so he wrote them a song! Please understand that we do take hygiene very seriously, but we wanted to have a little fun and thank our hygienists for all they do for us!

3 Responses to "A Video Tribute to Dental Hygienists, by Dr. Cardall"
  1. That was the funniest home video I have ever seen! Dr. Cardall was awesome! Thanks for straightening my teeth yhou guys. Awesome singer… Awesome orthodontists!

  2. Panchal says:

    Funny yet awesome video! Multi-talented doc you are!!

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