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“Dentist Office” App Tops the Charts!

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“Dentist Office” was the number one free ipad app last week. Several apps already exist that allow you to be a dentist, but this one also allows you to be an orthodontist!

The game has four patients each with different dental problems for you to fix each time you play. You have several instruments to aid you as well as an overhead light. You can remove tartar, plaque, and food debris as well as spray for bad breath! Next, you can drill and fill the cavities with the filling of your choice. Then you are ready to place the braces. They come in several shapes and colors for you to decorate the teeth. Don’t forget the x-rays and finishing photos!

Despite all the fun options this game has and the fact that it was number one in the app store, it didn’t have great reviews. People seemed to like the game but are frustrated with the lack of instructions and tutorial. The first review listed made us laugh:

“How do you play this friggin’ game? I get the tools and braces and stuff, but how do you know what and when to do anything? I’m baffled as to what I’m supposed to do next…. I’ve cleaned the teeth, filled the cavities and put braces on the little brat, but there’s no end in sight? Anyone, a little help here?”

Perhaps this is why “real dentists” attend 4 rigorous years of dental school after college! And orthodontists complete an additional 2-3 years beyond dental school to become specialists in aligning teeth and correcting jaw relationships. So don’t be frustrated if you don’t feel like an expert after a few tries at this game. And remember the most important rule: treat every patient the same way you’d want to be treated!

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