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How to Speed Up Your Orthodontic Treatment

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As you could probably guess, the most common question we are asked at Montano Orthodontics is “how long will my treatment take?” Fortunately, thanks to advances in technology, your treatment can be completed more quickly than ever before. Results that used to require 2-3 years of treatment can often now be achieved in a little over a year! Of course, your smile always finishes as rapidly as possible when your orthodontist’s instructions are carefully followed–including maintaining good oral hygiene, taking proper care of your braces or Invisalign, and wearing elastics when prescribed by your orthodontist.

At Montano Orthodontics, we offer the latest technology in orthodontics to ensure you receive the very best results and highest quality care available. Now, we are proud to offer a new product which can help your smile finish even faster. It’s called Acceledent, and it can help your teeth move up to 50% faster when worn for 20 minutes a day. Acceledent is a device that increases bone remodeling activity by sending micropulses of a certain frequency to the bones surrounding your teeth. The result is increased bone growth and faster tooth movement. Acceledent is quite comfortable and can be worn while watching TV, working on the computer, reading, or doing many other tasks. It is hands-free so it will have minimal interference with your daily routine. And again, it only needs to be worn 20 minutes a day.

Acceledent can be worn over braces or Invisalign and can shorten your overall time in treatment. We believe everyone deserves a great smile, and you should be able to achieve it as quickly as possible. It is our commitment to you to provide the best technology and treatment available to give you the results you want–faster! Ask our orthodontists, Dr. Montano and Dr. Cardall, whether Acceledent is the right choice for you!

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