How Does Invisalign® Work? Will I Get the Same Results as With Braces?

Just as with braces, the quality of your outcome largely depends on the expertise, skill, and attentiveness to detail of your practitioner. Dr. Montano has earned the prestigious designation of Top 1% Invisalign® providers of North America—and is the only Top 1% orthodontic office in Bakersfield—so you can be sure you’re receiving the most experienced care available.

My Dentist Does Invisalign®. Why Should I go to an Orthodontist?

Orthodontists receive an additional 2-3 years of training beyond dental school to become experts in diagnosis and treatment of malocclusions to give their patients the most healthy, stable smiles.

In addition to this specialized training, orthodontists treat hundreds of people with a wide variety of orthodontic problems each year—as opposed to a dentist who might treat a handful of people between drilling and filling. This specialized training and experience allows the orthodontist to recognize and resolve challenging situations, which often arise during treatment, and provides the knowledge needed to create beautiful, harmonious smiles and facial profiles.

What if I’ve Been Told I’m Not a Good Candidate for Invisalign®?

Get a second opinion! Dr. Montano has learned over many years of experience that almost everyone can be treated with Invisalign®. In difficult cases, he will often combine Invisalign® with braces on a few teeth where needed. Because these braces are usually in the back of the mouth and often on the bottom teeth, they are very unlikely to be seen. The braces usually only need to be there for a short period of time, and then the remaining treatment can be completed with Invisalign® only.

How Long Will My Treatment Take?

The average treatment time is approximately 9-18 months, although the time can vary greatly based on difficulty of the orthodontic problem. Based on their experience successfully treating many hundred Invisalign® patients, Dr. Montano can provide an estimate of how long your treatment will last after reviewing your individual case.

I’d Like My Treatment Completed As Quickly as Possible. Is There A Way to Speed Things Up?

Dr. Montano is at the cutting edge of accelerated orthodontic treatment, and offers several options for those interested in decreasing their treatment time. Some of these options include Acceledent, Biolux, and piezocision. These modalities increase the rate of bone remodeling and biological activity, resulting in tooth movement up to 60% faster. Ask Dr. Montano whether your mouth could benefit from one of these options.

How Much Does Invisalign® Cost?

At Montano Elevated Orthodontics, the fee for Invisalign® is the exact same as for braces. Unlike most offices, there is no additional surcharge for Invisalign®. We believe cost should not get in the way of whichever treatment method you prefer. Just as with braces, the fee for treatment is based on case complexity. If you would like to learn more about how much your treatment may cost, schedule a consultation with us today.

I’m a Teenager. Can I do Invisalign® Too?

Of course! Invisalign® is no longer only for adults. Dr. Montano has treated hundreds of teens with clear aligner therapy (Invisalign®), achieving the same fantastic results as with fixed appliances (braces). Sometimes other orthodontic devices (such as expanders or distalizers) are combined with Invisalign® to achieve the best result, and are discreetly placed at the start of treatment before initiating clear aligner therapy. Ask Dr. Montano at your free consultation whether Invisalign®Teen is the right option for you.

When Can I Get Started?

At your free consultation, Dr. Montano will evaluate your teeth and gums and ensure they are healthy enough for orthodontic treatment. Most people can start right away! One of our expert treatment coordinators will walk you through the entire treatment process and answer any additional questions you have.

Will Wearing Invisalign® Affect My Speech?

Some people experience a very short, transient period of difficulty with certain speech sounds. This normally disappears within a week of beginning treatment as the lips and tongue adapt to the aligners.

Are There Any Food Restrictions with Invisalign®?

No! This is one of the benefits of Invisalign®. Because there are no braces that can be broken off, there isn’t a reason to adjust your diet. This also means no additional appointments for loose braces or poking wires.

How Do I Get Started?

You can schedule a FREE consultation with us online in just minutes.