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Is an Athletic Mouthguard on Your List?

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Mouthguards aren't just for football and hockey.

Mouthguards aren’t just for football and hockey.

If you’re like a lot of people, you make lists to keep track of things. To-do lists, weekend project lists, grocery lists, etc. You may even make a list of what you need to purchase for your child before they begin a new sport or undertake a recreational activity. If an athletic mouthguard isn’t on the list, it should be. Dr. Donald Montano and Dr. Wes Cardall recommend athletic mouthguards for their Bakersfield CA patients who lead active lifestyles.

Not Just for Football…

It’s easy to understand why athletic mouthguards are needed for contact sports, such as football and hockey. But you may not realize that an athletic mouthguard is a necessity for a variety of athletic and recreational endeavors. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends mouthguard use for cycling, skating, gymnastics, tennis, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, and lots of other activities.

Studies show that up to 20% of the injuries kids sustain during sports are oral injuries. At Montano & Cardall Orthodontic Specialists, we agree with the ADA’s recommendation and encourage the use of athletic mouthguards.

How a Mouthguard Works

Oral injury can occur as a result of a hard object, another person, or even the ground coming into contact with the teeth, jaw, lips, or face. A mouthguard is made of durable acrylic that fits securely over teeth. It spreads out and minimizes the force of an impact to lessen or prevent damage to the mouth and surrounding tissues.

Customized Care

Drs. Montano and Cardall create custom athletic mouthguards for our patients. To begin the process, we’ll take a dental impression. This impression will be used to craft a mouthguard with a custom fit, which results in increased comfort and protection. Plus, if a mouthguard feels good and fits well, your child is more likely to wear it.

So, check something off your list. Call us today to schedule an athletic mouthguard fitting for your child.

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