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Meet Jessica – Rock Star Assistant

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At Montano Elevated Orthodontics, we try to make every patient feel like a member of the family – and that starts by making sure every member of our team feels like family. That way they can share the love with all our patients. Today we want to introduce you to Jessica. She’s an administrative assistant here at the office and she really is a rock star.

Jessica has lived in Bakersfield since she was 3 years old and with the exception of her college years (spent in Utah) she has always lived, studied and worked here in town. She got married in 2013 and has worked for Dr. Montano since 2016. For Jessica, no two days are exactly alike because her job includes helping virtually everyone in the office. You’ll find her answering phones, helping patients with any questions or issues they may have, working on marketing and community relations and more.

We asked her when she first knew she wanted to work in orthodontics and she said she never really had a plan for that. However, like the rest of us non-doctors who work here, she knows a lot about teeth now. In fact, she says she’s “a glorified secretary who knows a freakish amount about orthodontia.”

Her favorite thing about working at Montano Elevated Orthodontics is seeing the before and after patient photos we share with each other in staff meetings. She often says Dr. Montano is a miracle worker because the transformations are so amazing. Since most of what she does is “behind the scenes” these special moments help keep her in touch with the way Dr. Montano makes such a huge difference through orthodontics in Bakersfield.

When she’s not busy helping us create beautiful smiles, you’ll find Jessica out with her husband trying new restaurants, binge-watching Netflix and hanging out with their families. She had braces twice as a kid and didn’t wear her retainers so guess what, now she’s a patient of Dr. Montano. This time, she’s going to faithfully wear those retainers.

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