We love going to the orthodontist! Everyone there is very cool, and we love our doc.”

Maci and McKenna

Twice the Smiles

macy_mckennaMaci and McKenna’s mom told us that her girls, Maci and McKenna have been going to Montano Elevated Orthodontics for the past two years and are in the second phase of their treatment.

“Both my girls are excited about the orthodontist visits. It is a really comfortable place, and they often see their friends from school there. I have always felt the staff genuinely cares for my girls. That means the world to me.”

I could barely chew before I started treatment. I wore braces during my treatment and they never hurt! The doctor and staff were always there for me – I really loved going.”


Restoring a Smile to Health

AlexannderAlexannder could barely chew before he started treatment. He wore braces during treatment and never complained!

According to Alexannder, “The doctor and staff were always there for me — always, friendly, always interested in how I was doing. I knew it mattered to them that I had a very healthy mouth…and a handsome smile!”

They turned our smiles from ordinary to extraordinary.”


Winning Smiles

The HensleysTwins Callie and Colin are both into sports: Callie’s a cheerleader and Colin plays football. They not only perform well on the field, they look fantastic as well.

According to the twins, “The staff at Montano Elevated Orthodontics is amazing. They really make braces fun. Everybody wants to go there!”