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Post-Invisalign Care Areas

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At the offices of Montano & Cardall, we’re proud to offer a full range of Invisalign services. Whether you’re an adult or a teenager, we have great options for you when it comes to this revolutionary braces technology.

We can walk you or your teen through all the important steps and processes for Invisalign products, including everything from 3-D fitting to eventual removal. One thing we’re careful to remind all our Invisalign patients of when they’re finishing up treatments: Just because you’re not wearing Invisalign anymore doesn’t mean you can let your oral care slip in any way. In particular, here are a few important post-Invisalign areas to make sure you don’t relax on.

Retainer Use

First and foremost, you’ll usually be given a retainer to wear after Invisalign treatments are done; follow any and all directions with this retainer perfectly at all times. In many cases, your last pair of aligners will simply be transformed into your new retainer, and your orthodontist will go over the specific retention plan that you’ll be following to ensure that your teeth continue to stay where your Invisalign treatment moved them. Don’t let these habits slip over a period of days or weeks; be diligent and stick to all these habits until your orthodontist tells you to let up.

Food Avoidance

During the weeks and months after Invisalign treatments are done, the mouth will go through something of an adjustment period. This is a time where the teeth might be more sensitive, and this sensitivity can extend to the gums as well.

In general, it’s best to be gentle with your teeth during this time. Avoid foods that are tough to chew, such as hard or crunchy foods that put pressure on the teeth and gums. If any foods or drinks have temperatures that make your mouth uncomfortable, avoid these as well.

Brushing and Flossing

Just because you’ve had your teeth aligned using Invisalign does not mean that basic oral care like brushing and flossing can simply be let up on. If anything, these areas become even more important in the days and weeks following treatments. The mouth is most sensitive during these periods, as we discussed above, and brushing and flossing will keep it free of bacteria or other contaminants. Keeping plaque out of the teeth helps prevent things like gum disease, cavities, tooth decay and other major oral issues.

Routine Checkups

And finally, continue your normal checkup routine with our orthodontists after you’ve finished Invisalign treatments. We can ensure your mouth is responding properly during this stabilization period, plus make any adjustments that are necessary. Be sure to also visit your dentist, as we recommend maintaining or even increasing your frequency of professional dental cleanings during your Invisalign treatment. After treatment, it is especially recommended to receive a dental cleaning. Now that your teeth are properly aligned, your dentist or dental hygienist will be happy that it is now much easier to clean tartar from your teeth and prevent new plaque from adhering.

For more post-Invisalign tips to remember, or to learn about any of our braces or orthodontist services, speak to the team at the offices of Montano & Cardall today.

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