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Quarterly Contest Drawing

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It’s time for Montano Orthodontics’ quarterly drawing again! Dr. Montano drew 10 names to compete for our grand prizes. This time we added a little twist to the competition and competed in teams of two. Both winners will get their choice of one of these awesome prizes:

There are several ways to get your name in the drawing:
Wear your wristband from one appointment to the next
wear your Montano Orthodontics t-shirt the day of your appointment
wear your Montano Orthodontics t-shirt to an event or vacation and send us a picture
refer a friend to our office
visit your dentist
Remember, there are no limits on how many times you can be entered!

Stay tuned! The competition is going to be wet and wild! It will be posted next week! Watch to see who wins!

2 Responses to "Quarterly Contest Drawing"
  1. Terri Collins says:

    How do you get a t shirt or bracelet?

    • mynetworks0015@sesamecommunications.com says:

      Anyone can get a wristband any time they come to our office.
      Everyone gets a t-shirt when they begin treatment. T-shirts are also one of our many cool prizes that can be purchased with points!

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