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“Redistribution at its Best: This Dentist Gives Back”

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Dr. Montano and our charity, Smile for a Lifetime, were mentioned in a Letter to the Editor of the Bakersfield Californian. A parent of a current patient found out about the Smile for a Lifetime foundation and was so pleased that he is spreading the word. Montano Orthodontics has been a provider (the only one in Kern County) for XX years and in doing so, receives no reward besides the happiness that is spread by those giving and receiving something life-changing. Here is the article straight from the newspaper:

Redistribution at its best: This dentist gives back
Federal and state legislators could learn from Dr. Donald Montano. He takes from the “haves” and redistributes to the “have-nots.” Let me explain:
My family has used Montano’s services for years. He and his staff have been nothing short of excellent. He charges us the going rate for his services and we gladly pay, as our children’s medical care (teeth included) is very important to us. However, the cost for these services can equal the cost of a small compact car (used of course). So, what does the good doctor do with his hard-earned money?
Well, he takes a good part of it and funds “scholarships” for the needy to receive services free of charge — and believe me, these recipients would never be able to enjoy a mouth full of beautiful teeth without this gift. The doctor is not mandated, taxed or forced in any way to provide this, but he does it, and only he knows why. We can only guess, but after meeting him, we only can imagine it has something to do with his own personal method of redistribution. Redistribution at its best — the way it should be.
Martin Hansen”

To see the article, click HERE.

To learn more about the Smile for a Lifetime Foundation, click HERE.


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