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Remember When Tom Cruise Had Braces?

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Tom Cruise used ceramic braces to straighten his teeth.

Tom Cruise used ceramic braces to straighten his teeth.

Walk into any Bakersfield middle or high school and you’re sure to see a sea of adolescent braces faces. While orthodontists are known for fitting kids with braces, they are just as likely to put braces on adult patients. In fact, orthodontic procedures are just as common for adults as they are for kids, although adult patients are privy to a few more choices when it comes to their treatment strategies.

To appreciate the popularity of adult braces, just think about the Big Screen Celebs who have gotten to know their orthodontists a little better.

Tom Cruise wasn’t shy about flashing a set of ceramic braces during the premiere of his 2002 movie “Minority Report.” Recently, Faith Hill was seen sporting ceramic braces at several awards ceremonies. Her orthodontic decision has raised the awareness of adult braces almost overnight. For adults, ceramic braces are incognito and relatively affordable, making them popular among adults, including celebrities.

Some celebs are opting for clear aligners, custom-made trays that fit snuggly over the teeth to straighten the smile. These aligners are virtually invisible and completely removable, making them an easy choice for celebrities like Justin Bieber and Katherine Heigl—both of whom have recently chosen to have their smiles corrected.

There is another low-visibility solution— lingual braces, which are custom-fitted to the tongue side of the teeth. These braces can be made from metal or ceramic, but cannot be seen when you speak or smile. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and public figures like Kate Middleton have reportedly opted for this solution.

Grownups who want straighter smiles, whether for cosmetic or for functional purposes, have lots of mature options when it comes to braces. The degree of visibility and the price points can vary considerably, but there is a solution for every smile. Take a closer look at your choices by consulting an orthodontist about adult braces today.

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