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Top 5 Reasons To Get Invisalign® in Bakersfield

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Getting Invisalign® to reach your healthy and beautiful smile goals is a big decision to make. Fortunately, in Bakersfield, it’s not a hard decision. Here are 5 reasons why Invisalign® is more affordable, more stress-free, and gives you better results than ever before.

Invisalign in Bakersfield

1. Getting Invisalign® in Bakersfield Won’t Break the Bank

One of the top reasons people in Bakersfield decide not to pursue Invisalign® treatment is because of the cost. Invisalign® may not be cheap, but it can definitely be affordable. In fact, unlike most orthodontic clinics, we offer Invisalign® at the same price as braces–it’s our way of making sure that everyone who wants and qualifies for Invisalign® treatment doesn’t have to settle for their second choice.

At Montano & Cardall, we work with every patient to create a flexible financing plan that works for them and their family. With payment plans starting at just $99 a month, zero down payment, and no credit checks, Invisalign® doesn’t have to be out of anyone’s financial reach.

2. Invisalign® Is Discreet

Although we don’t think anyone should be embarrassed by taking steps toward a healthier, more beautiful smile, we do understand that not everyone wants to wear visible braces. Invisalign® is so discreet that many people won’t even notice that you’re wearing your aligners! Don’t wait months to feel confident in your smile—with Invisalign®, you can start smiling right away.

3. Bakersfield Cuisine + Invisalign® = No Problem!

You don’t have to give up any of your favorite foods while wearing Invisalign®, so you can still enjoy the country’s largest assortment of Basque restaurants, pizza and BBQ, authentic Mexican food, and much more! Invisalign® aligners can be removed for eating, brushing, and playing sports, so you won’t have anything to lose—just a beautiful smile to gain.

4. Invisalign® is For Teens, Too

It’s no longer true that Invisalign® is only for adults. Drs. Montano and Cardall have successfully treated hundreds of teens with Invisalign® and achieved the same excellent results as with braces! Book a free consultation today and find out if Invisalign® Teen is right for you.

5. Bakersfield is Home to Invisalign® Elite Providers

Did you know that Montano & Cardall are Invisalign® Top 1% Providers? This puts them in an elite group America-wide, and they’re the only orthodontic clinic in Bakersfield with this special designation. If you’re considering Invisalign® treatment in Bakersfield, choosing an Invisalign® Top 1% Provider is the easiest part of the process.

Ready to get started with Invisalign®? Book your FREE consultation right now, and find out how Invisalign® could help you achieve an incredible smile!

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